Thank's for making me a b-crat and rollback! Anyway,here are some inportant things.

Well,first of all,we should advertise on a few websites. For example,try going to Youtube and advertise on you're account! We need some more b-crats and rollbacks and admins and sysops! Well,user's that have a account on a wiki you are on,and they have a Youtube account,try sending them a message! If you know Sharkbate,message CPsnowman1001 on Youtube. Message seahorseruler for Sea. See Daengpengu for Daengpengu on the CP Wiki. We need some help! Maybe even ask some pepole on a few wiki's! Well,you get the point for this section.

Make sure you look out for vandal's. You never know if Bn 100022 will make a account here! If you see someone vandalise,make sure to block them immidently! (also,if you are a b-crat or rollback,can you block? if not,can you make me a admin? i will TRY to be active. i don't think i can be here often,but i can try) Well,time for the last section.

Make sure you make as much articles as you can. Fanon means Fiction,so make whatever you want! Again,look out for vandalism. Just don't make a short arcticle. It could end up to be a canidate for delition. Agan,Thanks, Club Penguin Fanon Wiki!

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